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Have you ever thought about how to make shisha on your own? Well, imagine creating unique flavors and impressing your friends with a one-of-a-kind hookah smoking experience. Furthermore, the shisha world is vast and full of exciting possibilities, so let your creativity shine and discover your perfect blend.


While hookah smoking has a history dating back to the 16th century, its popularity continues to grow today. Modern shisha, the flavored tobacco used in a hookah pipe, has evolved significantly from the past’s unflavored and challenging-to-use tobacco leaves. Consequently, one essential component of the experience is the hookah bowl, which holds the shisha and enables an even and enjoyable smoke.

Additionally, when making your own shisha, you can select your preferred ingredients, adjust flavors, ensure quality, and showcase your craftsmanship among fellow hookah enthusiasts.

ingredients for making shisha

Ingredients for Making Shisha

Making your own shisha tobacco requires certain key ingredients. For instance, whole-leaf tobacco, molasses or honey, glycerin, and flavorings are essential. Furthermore, the choice of tobacco and ingredients significantly affects the resulting flavor and smoking experience.

These ingredients and their contribution to shisha-making will be detailed in subsequent sections.

1. Tobacco Selection

Choosing the right tobacco is a vital step in creating your shisha masterpiece. First and foremost, any loose-leaf tobacco can be used as a base. Still, Virginia blonde-leaf tobacco is the most popular choice, with Burley and Oriental tobacco varieties also being used. Moreover, selecting a tobacco that harmonizes with your desired flavors while providing smooth and enjoyable smoke is vital.

2. Moisture and Sweeteners

Regarding shisha making, moisture and sweeteners play a crucial role. Specifically, they help moisten the tobacco and add a sweetness to the smoke. Popular choices for sweeteners include honey, sugar, and molasses.

It’s important to remember that finding the right balance between moisture and sweetness is fundamental for crafting the ideal shisha flavor.

3. Glycerin for Smoke Enhancement

Glycerin, especially vegetable glycerin, plays a significant part in shisha making. It functions as both a sweetener and a humectant, helping to maintain high moisture levels in the shisha tobacco and ensuring its prolonged dampness.

For those interested, vegetable glycerin can be found at health and body stores. Moreover, the recommended amount is around 30g for every 300g of tobacco.

4. Flavorings

Flavorings are what make your own shisha truly unique and enjoyable. Notably, high-quality shisha flavors, also known as hookah flavors, are essential for creating delicious and satisfying hookah experiences.

You can experiment with flavors like Adalya Lady Killer, Fumari Red Gummi Bear, Al Fakher Diamond Dust, and fruit-based flavors like pomegranate, strawberry, and apple chunks.

So, embrace creativity and mix various flavors to stumble upon your ideal shisha blend.

5. Additional Sweeteners

Consider adding more sweeteners to your shisha mixture for an even more enjoyable smoking experience. Options include honey, fruit juice, soda/pop, glycerin, and molasses.

Notably, these ingredients can enhance the sweetness and flavor of your shisha. Moreover, remember to try out different sweeteners and strike the right balance to suit your taste.

how to make shisha - step by step guide

How To Make Shisha – Step By Step Guide

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Preparing the Tobacco

With all the ingredients ready, it’s time to prepare the tobacco to turn it into shisha. This step is fairly simple, involving the removal of the stems from the tobacco leaves and chopping or shredding them to achieve the optimal consistency for smoking.

Removing Stems and preparing the Tobacco Leaves

Before the tobacco is chopped or shredded, any stems from the larger pieces or leaves must be removed. It’s important to note that stems can be bitter and have more nicotine, negatively impacting the flavor and smoking experience. To avoid this, it’s essential to bunch the tobacco properly, ensuring that only the best quality tobacco leaves are used.

In addition, use a sharp knife or kitchen scissors to carefully strip away the stems on a cutting board and prepare the tobacco leaves for chopping.

Recommendation on Chopping or Shredding for Optimal Consistency

After removing the stems, it’s time to chop or shred the tobacco to the right coarseness using a sharp knife. Keeping the pieces consistent in size ensures an even flavor and moisture distribution throughout the shisha mix. However, be cautious not to over-chop or over-shred, as it can lead to harsh smoke.

Step 2: Soaking the Tobacco

With the tobacco leaves prepared, the next step is to soak them in water. Soaking the dried tobacco, including pipe tobacco, helps rehydrate the leaves, making them more flexible and reducing their nicotine content.

Soaking The Shredded Tobacco in Water

Soaking the tobacco is essential for flavor enhancement and nicotine reduction. After soaking, it’s important to drain any excess liquid. Then, you can mix in the desired amount of molasses or honey.

However, ensuring the tobacco isn’t too wet or dry is crucial, as this can significantly affect the smoking experience.

Duration & Considerations

When determining the soaking duration, it’s important to consider factors like the type of tobacco, the desired flavor, and the consistency you want to achieve. For best results, soak the shredded tobacco for at least 30 minutes.

However, remember that prolonged soaking can dilute the flavor, so be sure to amend the duration to match your taste preferences.

flavoring and sweetening

Step 3: Flavoring and Sweetening

With the shisha tobacco soaked and prepped, the next step is to infuse the shisha mixture with flavor and sweetness. This step involves mixing the soaked tobacco with molasses or honey and incorporating glycerin and flavorings for enhanced taste and smoke.

Mixing Soaked Tobacco with Molasses or Honey

To add sweetness to your shisha, mix the soaked tobacco with molasses or honey at a ratio of three grams of tobacco to one gram of molasses or honey. It’s crucial to ensure that the shisha tobacco isn’t too damp or dry, as this can significantly affect the smoking experience. Next, mix the ingredients thoroughly to achieve an even and balanced flavor.

Incorporating Glycerin and flavorings

Next, it’s time to incorporate glycerin and high-quality flavorings into your shisha mix. Glycerin enhances smoke production, while flavorings give your shisha its unique taste and aroma.

Notably, the recommended amount of glycerin is around 30 grams for every 300 grams of shisha tobacco. You can add your chosen flavorings directly to the mix or mix them with glycerin before adding them.

Step 4: Thorough Mixing

Once all the ingredients have been added, ensure they’re thoroughly mixed to create a well-blended shisha mixture. This ensures an even distribution of flavor and moisture, providing a consistent smoking experience.

Techniques for Ensuring a Well-blended Mixture

To ensure a well-blended mixture, it’s important to mix the ingredients thoroughly, ensuring that the flavor and moisture are evenly distributed. You can achieve this by stirring, shaking, or blending, all of which are good ways to ensure a uniform shisha mix.

Importance of Uniformity in Flavor & Moisture Distribution

Uniform flavor and moisture distribution in your shisha mixture is essential for a balanced and flavorful smoke. It also ensures that the shisha tobacco burns evenly and lasts longer, prolonging your shisha session.

Step 5: Resting and Curing

After ensuring the shisha tobacco mixture is well-blended, the next step is to let it rest and cure. This step allows the flavors to meld together and the tobacco to absorb moisture, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable smoke.

Allowing The Mixture to Rest for 12-24 hours

After blending the ingredients, the next step is to leave shisha overnight or allow the mixture to rest for 12 to 24 hours. This resting period is essential as it gives the flavors time to mix together and allows the shisha tobacco to soak moisture from the mixture. Consequently, this results in a smoother and tastier smoke.

Remember to store your shisha mixture in a cool, dry place during this process to avoid resulting in less tobacco flavor.

Enhancing Flavor Melding & Moisture Absorption Through Resting

Resting the mixture before use has several benefits. First and foremost, it allows the shisha flavors to blend together better, providing a more balanced and enhanced taste. Furthermore, it allows the shisha tobacco to absorb moisture. Therefore, give your shisha mixture time to rest and reap the rewards of a more delicious and satisfying smoke.

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Step 6: Testing and Adjusting

With the shisha mixture well-rested and prepared, the next step is to test it and make any necessary adjustments. Start by taking a draw from your hookah pipe. Subsequently, assess the flavor, smoothness, and thickness of the smoke. After that, make adjustments as needed to achieve the perfect smoking experience.

Testing The Shisha After The Resting Period

To evaluate your shisha after resting, draw from your hookah pipe and assess various factors, including the flavor, smoothness, thickness of the smoke, taste, and evenness of burning or heating.

Pay close attention to these factors, as they will help you determine the quality of your shisha. Subsequently, this evaluation will assist you in determining if any adjustments need to be made to your shisha mix.

Adjusting for Flavor, Sweetness, or Moisture Content

If your shisha mixture doesn’t meet your taste preferences, you can make adjustments by adding extra flavorings or sweeteners. Hence, if the mixture feels too dry, add more honey or molasses to achieve the desired moisture level. However, avoid using artificial flavorings as they can result in unpleasant flavors.

It’s important to remember to experiment and tweak the ingredients until you find the perfect balance for your personal taste and smoking experience.

Step 7: Packaging for Freshness

Having crafted your perfect hookah tobacco blend, the next step is to package and store it properly to preserve its freshness and quality. Proper packaging and storage will help preserve the flavor and moisture, ensuring an enjoyable smoking experience.

Maintaining The Freshness of The Prepared Shisha

Store your shisha in an airtight container, such as glass or food-grade plastic, to keep your shisha fresh. Keep the container in a cool, dark, and dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. Keep in mind that freshness matters for hookah connoisseurs and beginners who are learning to smoke shisha.

Storage Tips for Preserving Quality Over Time

In addition to using airtight containers, avoiding storing your shisha tobacco in the refrigerator is important, as this can negatively impact the flavor. Consequently, proper storage practices will help prevent mold formation and preserve the taste of your shisha for an extended period. This is especially applicable to hookah bars with their own shisha blends.

final thoughts on how to make shisha

Final Thoughts

Making your own shisha tobacco is a fun and rewarding process that allows you to create unique hookah flavors and enjoy a personalized smoking experience. Experiment with different ingredients and techniques to craft the perfect blend. So, gather your ingredients, roll up your sleeves, and let the shisha-making adventure begin!

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Related Questions

Still have questions? Check out a couple of common ones below:

How do you make shisha taste good?

To make shisha taste good, use glowing red coals and natural charcoal, set up a medium-low heat management system, add liquids to the water, ensure the shiny side of the foil faces downwards, mix hookah flavors, blow some air out, use ice and cold water, and choose wet and fresh quality hookah tobacco.

Why is shisha not smoking?

For a hookah smoker, it’s frustrating when shisha isn’t smoking. In most cases, it’s because the airtight seal of the stem and base pieces may not be secured properly, the hookah bowl may have clogged holes or be packed too tightly, the aluminum foil is loose, or not enough heat is being used to warm up the hookah tobacco.

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